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If you have a barn, stable, or warehouse, you can help save a cat!

Sometimes we have cats who cannot live as house pets. Cats in our barn cat program fall into one of three categories:

Please note that we do not adopt cats who are suitable to be household companions to barns, only those cats without other options.

It’s not just for barns!

We refer to these cats as “barn cats” because that is the most common housing option. However, there are many types of buildings that could provide a safe, happy home for one of these special cats. Perhaps you own a warehouse, a workshop, or a garage – as long as the cat(s) will be safe from vehicles and other common dangers, we are willing to consider creative locations!

What we provide:

All cats available for adoption are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. When you adopt a barn cat, we will go over with you how to acclimate your new cat to their new surroundings and make them feel at home. The $20 adoption fee for barn cats helps us cover some of their medical costs.

What you need:

Barn Cats