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Guardian Angels

Is that a new breed? No, that’s the American Shelter Dog!

You have probably heard it before, someone trying to guess (yes, guess) the breed mix that they just met. Most often that deduction is based upon the appearance of the dog - its size, the length of its tail or shape of the ears, its color or markings, and so on. However, science has shown that the physical appearance of a dog is an unreliable indicator of the breed or breeds it truly is. Without using the advances in DNA testing for dogs, determining what its parentage is by appearance alone is all guess work.

To help end the labeling of it could be this or it could be that, Second Chance is working hard to no longer assign those mixed breeds with assumptions or speculation. Instead we are supporting and identifying many of these canines as an American Shelter Dog. Isn't it more important to know the dog's personality? Don't you want to know if this is the friend, buddy or companion you were looking for more than knowing what breed mix it may be ?

So next time you visit the shelter, no need to be so concerned about what breed mix it is or could be, just know that it is an American Shelter Dog because that may be the best breed of all.