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Guardian Angel Program

When we give money to an organization, sometimes we would like it to go for a specific purpose. Our Guardian Angel Program allows you to sponsor an animal in memory/honor of a pet, friend or loved one.

Your gift will go for food, medical needs and supplies for each dog or cat you sponsor.

This is a way where a donor can be very specific about how long they want to provide the care and whether they want their money to go for a dog or cat. In a very real sense, a person can become a 'Guardian Angel' for the current animal in residence.

And to make it simple, a donor may let SCAC charge his or her MasterCard or VISA at the specified times, or simply write a check. When you become a Guardian Angel, a brief message will be posted on our web site to remind all who visit of your generosity and thoughtfulness. Additionally, we will recognize you in our newsletter. If your gift is a memorial gift, we will send a card acknowledging your thoughtful donation. You may of course be a "silent sponsor" if you prefer.

For as little as $25.00 month, your tax-deductable donation will make a significant difference in an animal's life.

Just call us and let us know of your interest to begin to help homeless cats and dogs through their temporary stay with us.

Our Guardian Angels