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Second Chance Animal Center offers a discounted Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) to residents of VERMONT - all towns in Bennington County; NEW YORK - Salem, Shushan, Cambridge, Eagle Bridge, Hoosick Falls, North Petersburgh, Petersburgh, and White Creek; MASSACHUSETTS - Williamstown and North Adams.

To participate in SNAP, please complete the application below, one for each cat or dog.

Cat Owners: Cats spayed/neutered through our SNAP program are done at the shelter’s weekly SNAP clinic on Wednesdays. (Second Chance is located at 6779 Route 7A, Shaftsbury, VT.) Within two weeks or receiving your SNAP application, Second Chance will contact you to: gather information about your cat’s vaccination history; discuss the SNAP fee to be charged; and schedule the surgery date for your cat. Approximately one week prior to your cat’s surgery date, you will receive a letter in the mail to confirm the surgery date, provide you with detailed drop off and pick up instructions, and specify feeding instructions for the night before and the morning of surgery.

Dog Owners: Dogs spayed/neutered through our SNAP program are done at a local, authorized veterinarian’s office. Once your application is approved, you will receive a letter from Second Chance outlining your SNAP fee and requesting that you send this fee to Second Chance. Once we receive your fee (either by credit/debit or money order), a SNAP certificate and a list of authorized veterinarians will be sent back to you for scheduling. When the SNAP surgery is completed by the veterinarian, Second Chance will be invoiced directly.

Please note that the canine SNAP fee is only for the spay/neuter surgery and does not include any additional services. If you decide to have your dog vaccinated or agree to any other services at the time of the SNAP surgery, all of those additional fees are your responsibility. Please be sure to discuss any additional services with the veterinarian in advance - Second Chance will only send payment for the spay/neuter surgery.

Thank you for being a responsible pet owner and having your pet spayed or neutered!